Edi Purwanto

Edi_closeup.jpgEdi Purwanto is an expert in Watershed Hydrology. He is a graduate of Forest Resources Conservation, Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Master in Watershed Management and Conservation from International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC), Enschede, the Netherlands; and PhD in Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (VUA).

Edi started his career in mid 1980s as a trainer at the School of Environmental of Conservation Management (SECM), a collaboration project between the Dutch Government and the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry (Project HTA-40 B), at the Bogor Forestry Training Center, which later became Widyaiswara, at the department of Hydrology and Watershed Management. In 2000 Edi became expert staff of ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization) on field testing of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in Kalimantan Forestry Research Centre, Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

Edi has been involved in NGOs since 2002, he started as Program Manager of Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) and then Director of Operation Wallacea Trust (OWT). Since 2004 he led various conservation programs, natural resource management and nature conservation activities based on the community of Lambusango Forest Conservation Program in Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. He has also been involved in the National Program for Community Empowerment on Natural Resource Management/PNPM-Green in Southeast Sulawesi, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, West Sumatra and Bengkulu Provinces, and AGFOR Program with ICRAF in Southeast Sulawesi. He joined Tropenbos Indonesia in January 2014.