Ujang Susep Irawan


Ujang Susep Irawan, S.Hut. M.Si. is a specialist in Forest Silviculture. He obtained his bachelor degree majoring in Forest Silviculture in 1997 and Master degree in 2005 from Bogor Agriculture University with a specialization in forest restoration, forest rehabilitation, forest ecology, and forest health monitoring.

Ujang has worked in the forestry sector for almost 21 years beginning as a junior researcher in Southeast Asian Regional Centre for Tropical Biology (SEAMEO-BIOTROP) in Bogor in 1997. He was responsible for conducting various studies/research on forest silviculture, role of mychorrhizal fungi, organic fertilizer, edible mushroom, seedlings and plants growth, seedlings propagation technique, forest ecology, and Forest Health Monitoring Project. He was active as a forestry consultant in 2003-2008 to coordinate the drafting of technical design on forest and land rehabilitation and to conduct assessment on forest and land rehabilitation activities.

In 2009 he joined Rumpin Seed Source and Nursery Center, KOICA Project as silviculture expert, responsible for establishing the forest tree seed source. Since 2010 until 2017, he was program manager of Operation Wallacea Trust Foundation with major tasks in: (i) rehabilitation of critical forest and land; (ii) developing low emission sustainable livelihoods for better natural resource management and community income generating, (iii) implementation of agroforestry, (iv) the increasing quality of forest ecosystem with low carbon emission, (v) Forest Tree Seed Management, (vi) Diagnostic Study on Landscape and Lifescape Analysis.

Having almost similar tasks, Ujang provides his expertise for Tropenbos Indonesia and currently he supervises the development of Nursery Pilot Project in Gunung Tarak Landscape.