Mobilising more finance for climate action


Mobilising more finance for climate action

Mobilising More 4 Climate (MoMo4C) is a five-year program that aims to bring together entrepreneurs, firms, policymakers, investors and civil society organisations to make green business propositions that tackle the impacts and causes of climate change at a landscape level in developing countries, and to attract investments to implement these initiatives.

The program is proposed by IUCN NL, WWF NL and Tropenbos International to address the challenges that governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs, companies and investors in developing countries face when working on programs that tackle the causes and impact of climate change in rural areas.

Mobilising More 4 Climate takes a landscape approach to improve this. Applying a landscape approach to the financing of climate resilience initiatives is new, and ensures that profits will be higher, risks will be lower and biodiversity benefits greater where clusters of diverse sustainable investments are undertaken in a defined geographic area. Landscapes can be considered as a type of ‘green economic zone’, offering potential for synergies among investments, as well as for sufficient scale of investment to achieve benefits in supply chains, resilience, stability and marketing. Landscape partnerships can enable collective action to address social challenges.

Mobilising More 4 Climate focuses on developing business propositions for climate-smart agriculture, sustainable water management, food security and ecosystem restoration solutions. These should contribute to climate-resilient development in the landscapes where they are proposed. Mobilising More 4 Climate will facilitate public-private collaboration and attract investments that will scale up such climate action projects. This is done by working with companies and financial institutions, bringing new partners and stakeholders together, and by driving the development of innovative finance for climate action.


2020 - 2024


The objective of MoMo4C is to link entrepreneurs and companies with potential business cases for climate action to policymakers, investors and civil society organisations to further strengthen these business propositions and ensure a positive climate, environmental and social impact at a landscape level. These improved projects and business cases will be helped to attract the necessary investments to implement these initiatives. Embedding this within an integrated landscape approach ensures that all relevant public, private and civic stakeholders collaborate and that capacities are strengthened in order to work towards a climate resilience goal coupled with SDG outcomes.