About us

Tropenbos Indonesia (TI) is an independent national institution that is part of the Tropenbos International (TBI) network in the Netherlands which has also networks in various other countries including Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, and Columbia, and which has a network of various organization partners in various countries throughout various program activities.

Tropenbos Indonesia (TI) started its activities in East Kalimantan at the end of 1986 due to the increasing concerns about the high rate of deforestation of tropical forests in Indonesia. Various studies were conducted at that time to contribute knowledge and thinking to the government related to forest conservation and silviculture. Until now, a number of historical heritage from that era still exist, including a collection of various research results and the Wana Riset Samboja herbarium in East Kalimantan.

In 1993, Tropenbos Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Government of Indonesia, represented by the Ministry of Forestry (now the Ministry of Environment and Forestry). This memorandum of understanding was extended in 2007, which also marked the start of the expansion of the working scope of Tropenbos Indonesia from only Kalimantan region to the whole Indonesia. On December 22, 2016 Tropenbos Indonesia officially became an Indonesian legal entity named Tropenbos Indonesia Foundation, and began working in Ketapang-Kayong Utara Landscape, West Kalimantan.

Carrying the tagline "Making knowledge work for forests and people" and having a vision of "Bridging the gap between knowledge and practice in better forested landscape governance", Tropenbos Indonesia carries out various activities aimed at continuously improving forest management practices and sustainable natural resources. Tropenbos Indonesia has a commitment to realizing sustainable forest and natural resource management while respecting the rights, livelihoods and aspirations of local communities towards productive and climate-smart landscapes.

In its role, Tropenbos Indonesia always strives to bridge between knowledge and practice in order to create a forested landscape that has the values of sustainability, equity and inclusiveness. Tropenbos Indonesia believes that only through evidence-based information, individual and institutional capacity building, and dialogue involving all relevant stakeholders, efforts to achieve an inclusive and equitable sustainable landscape can be realized.

Among a number of topics that are currently the focus of attention by Tropenbos Indonesia are the development of equitable and sustainable spatial planning, strengthening villages, strengthening institutions and community groups as well as independent oil palm farmer groups, establishing and protecting areas with High Conservation Value (HCV), as well as capacity building and community empowerment through the development of climate-friendly livelihoods.