09 April 2021 Indonesia

Multi-Stakeholders Discussion for Prevention of Peat Fires in Ketapang

During the long dry season, forest, plantation and land fires occur regularly in a number of regions in Indonesia, including in Ketapang, West Kalimantan, especially in Sungai Pelang landscape (Sungai Pelang, Sungai Besar and Pematang Gadung villages), which has a vast area of peatlands. "In recent years, the issue of forest and land fires (karhutla) has become a national issue and even become an issue between countries. With the vast area of peatlands in Ketapang, prevention of forest and land fires and sustainable peat landscape management practice is very important," said Budi Wardhana, Deputy Head of Planning and Cooperation of BRGM (Peatland and Mangrove Restoration Agency) in a focused discussion and multi-stakeholder consultation on “Prevention efforts of karhutbunla and improvement practice of sustainable peat landscape management in Ketapang District", which was organized by Tropenbos Indonesia in collaboration with the District Development Agency on Thursday, April 8, 2021.

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06 April 2021 Indonesia

Webinar series "Soil and Water Conservation" Series#3 Rehabilitation and New Facts of the Country’s Shield

As the coastal shield of our country, mangroves protect against high waves, tsunamis, abrasion, and define the 200 miles Indonesia's exclusive economic zone. If mangroves are eroded, so will Indonesia's exclusive economic zone. It was said by the Director of Tropenbos Indonesia, Edi Purwanto, at the opening of the 3rd event of the webinar series "Conservation of Soil and Water" entitled "Rehabilitation and New Facts of the Country’s Shield". As a climate shield, mangroves also act as carbon storage and absorbent, which are 3-5 times higher than tropical forests. Around 600 participants attended this webinar via zoom and youtube.

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23 March 2021 Indonesia

Webinar Series “Managing the Remaining Forests” series #15 UUCK and Multi-business Forestry

What types of multi-business model in business permit's working area? In the webinar organized by Tropenbos Indonesia, March 20, 2021, Bambang Hendroyono, Secretary General of the Ministry of Forestry and Environment (MoEF), gave examples of several types of existing businesses such as multi-business agroforestry, development of food crops such as rice and vegetables, sylvopasture, carbon and environmental services, and Energy Garden such as bamboo and sorghum cultivation for Biomass Power Plants and animal food.

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10 March 2021 Indonesia

Webinar Series “Managing the Remaining Forests” Series #14 UUCK and Our Forestry

Tropenbos Indonesia held the 14th event of webinar series "Managing the Remaining Forests" entitled "UUCK and Our Forestry" on Saturday, March 6, 2021. The speakers in this webinar were the Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Bambang Hendroyono, who in this webinar gave a presentation entitled "Landscape-Based Forestry Development", the Director of FORICA and Deputy Director of the Center for Science of Oil Palm Instiper Yogyakarta, Agus Setyarso, who gave a presentation entitled "KPH Towards the Implementation of UUCK ”, and the Head of the Environment and Forestry Agency of West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB), Madani Mukarom, who gave a presentation entitled“ Strengthening KPH in NTB ”. More than 300 participants took part in this webinar either via zoom or youtube.

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