05 November 2021 Indonesia

Webinar series “Managing the Remaining Forests” series#24 NGOs and Natural Resources Management

Managing natural resources needs to involve the participation of various stakeholders, including NGOs. As a non-governmental organization, NGOs have been participating in the management of natural resources in Indonesia so far. However, the extent to which NGOs play a role in the development of good governance in the field of natural resource management, the extent to which they have succeeded in mainstreaming the agenda of civil society and improving people's welfare and conserving their vulnerable resources or protecting endangered biodiversity, reducing the negative impacts of extractive industries and the expansion of monoculture plantations, or play a role in the global geopolitical constellation, those are the discussion materials for the 24th Tropenbos Indonesia webinar series entitled “NGOs and Natural Resources Management” which took place on October 9, 2021 and was attended by around 400 participants.

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02 November 2021 Indonesia

Webinar series “Managing the Remaining Forests” Seri#25 Bamboo towards a Millennial and Global Commodity

As a type of plant that grows well in Indonesia, bamboo can be found in a variety of products that are used daily, ranging from handicrafts, household furniture, to textiles and energy. Preserved bamboo can be a construction material that can last up to 30 years, and can absorb carbon up to 50-100 tons/ha/year. With a growth rate of 50 tons/ha/year, bamboo can grow on marginal land, is drought-resistant and can function as a water absorber, controlling erosion and improving soil physical properties, so it is good for use as a restoration plant, as well as for the economic development of rural communities. "We need to ptomote bamboo so that it can be planted widely for economic restoration and for carbon sequestration," said Edi Purwanto, Director of Tropenbos Indonesia in the 25th Tropenbos Indonesia webinar series "Managing the Remaining Forestst" entitled "Bamboo towards Millennial and Global Commodities". The event, which was held on October 30, 2021, was attended by 500 participants from various backgrounds including the government, private sector, academics and the community.

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11 October 2021 Indonesia

Webinar series “Managing the Remaining Forests” series#23 People, Forests and the State - Half a Century of Social Forestry in Indonesia

With the theme of “Communities, Forests, and the State – Half a Century of Social Forestry in Indonesia”, the webinar of Tropenbos Indonesia this time feels special because it marks a year that the webinar series have been held regularly and there is a discussion of a book with a similar title, namely “Communities, Forests, and the State." Being held on September 25, 2021, this webinar also examines 50 years of Social Forestry in Indonesia.

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14 September 2021 Indonesia

Collaborative commitment to manage Ketapang KEE

As a part of the efforts to protect essential ecosystem area (KEE) and implement best management practices in a collaborative way by multi-stakeholders, the formulated action plan of Ketapang KEE which was put aside due to the pandemic covid-19 is now back on the table. Tropenbos Indonesia supported the West Kalimantan Environmental and Forestry Agency to organize a group discussion of the KEE forum on Tuesday, 8 September 2021. Around 37 seven representatives from various organizations in Ketapang Districts and West Kalimantan province took part in the discussion including from the government agencies, NGOs, and private sectors.

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31 August 2021 Indonesia

Webinar Series “Managing the Remaining Forests” series#22 Resolving oil palm in forest areas

Historically, agro-commodity problems such as concerning land tenure issues in forest areas including of oil palm tend to be unresolved and there have been precedent to be neglected, so that people have been marginalized and some have even been criminalized. Several existing regulations do not appear to be effective enough or even provide answer or solution. That is mentioned by the Director of Tropenbos Indonesia in the introduction of the webinar entitled "Resolving oil palm in forest areas" which took place on August 28, 2021 and was attended by around 500 participants from various circles.

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26 July 2021 Indonesia

Video Collection of Webinar Series "Managing the Remaining Forest"

Check out more in-depth presentations and discussions in the webinar via the following link:

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