17 November 2022 Indonesia

HCVA Training for District Plantation Agencies in West Kalimantan Province: Towards Regulatory Framework Formulation for HCVA Monitoring

High Conservation Value Area (HCVA) principles and approach have widely socialized since 2010 through capacity building, embedment in certification standards, and recently through policy instruments. However, according to Hairil Anwar, Natural Resource and Ecosystem Protection Division Head of the Provincial Environment and Forestry Agency, “It is recorded that approximately only 10% of oil palm companies in West Kalimantan that regularly submitted their HCV area management reports to the Environment and Forestry Agency of West Kalimantan province.”. This phenomenon seems to be caused by several factors such as the lack of capacity of Environment and Forestry Agencies to monitor and assert the policy, low initiative of oil palm management units to submit HCV reports to district and province level governments, and the absence of data sharing from national (ISPO & RSPO) down to province and district level governments to initiate HCVA monitoring at site level.

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14 November 2022 Indonesia

Rural women driving change in Indonesia

The new planting season is bringing new opportunities for indigenous Dayak women in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. Alpina Rupina and friends from Simpang Dua have started to use sustainable farming practices that they learned from farmer field schools, are protecting the forest, and are now developing business ideas so they can become economically independent.

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22 October 2022 Indonesia

Milestones and Progress in Multistakeholder Processes for Fire Prevention Strategies in Ketapang District

Milestones and progress on the efforts to address recurrent fires in Pawan-Kepulu-Pesaguan landscape, Ketapang District, were identified and discussed by Ketapang Multistakeholder Forum in September 2022. The Forum agreed on the initiatives to develop a masterplan to lay the foundation on fire prevention strategies and action plans.

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25 September 2022 Indonesia

How to reduce the risks of peatland fires?

This infographic shows the strategy used by Tropenbos Indonesia to reduce the risks of peatland fires. The strategy implies rewetting peatlands, alternative production systems, protection of forests and most important involving local stakeholders in a collaborative management process.

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26 July 2022 Indonesia

KURRI 2022 – Business Plan Development Training

After successfully organizing KURRI (MoMo4C Call) 2021, Tropenbos Indonesia launched KURRI 2022 on June 1st, 2022. KURRI is a competition that aims to assemble and support the development of micro-enterprises in Ketapang District of West Kalimantan Province that have potential to give positive impacts on social, economic, and environmental aspects to create a climate resilient landscape.

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06 July 2022 Indonesia

Tropenbos Indonesia signed a Cooperation Agreement with Ketapang District, PT. KAL and PMP to enhance Independent Village Index (IDM)-based Community Empowerment in Kuala Tolak, Kuala Satong and Laman Satong Villages

On 11 June 2022, Tropenbos Indonesia (TI), represented by Pak Edi Purwanto, has signed a Cooperation Agreement for Kuala Tolak, Kuala Satong and Laman Satong Villages development and empowerment with the Vice Regent of Ketapang District (Pak Farhan), Sustainable Director of PT. Kayung Agro Lestari (PT. KAL, Ibu Nunik Maharani Maulana), Director of Perkumpulan Mitra Pembangunan (PMP, Pak Donatus Rantan).

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