10 June 2022 Indonesia

“To reduce peatland fires in Indonesia needs collaborative efforts… but this is really complicated”

Fires occur every year in Indonesia, during the logging of peat swamp forest, and for clearing land to be developed into industrial plantations, and to a smaller extent in non-peatland areas as part of the traditional practice of shifting cultivation. Here, Atiek Widayati of Tropenbos Indonesia, coordinator of the Indonesian wildfire component of the Working Landscapes programme tells what is being done, and the next steps needed to reduce the risk of wildfires in Indonesia.

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26 March 2022 Indonesia

Promoting climate resilience businesses in Indonesia

In February 2022, a major step was taken in Ketapang District, West Kalimantan Province, that allowed local climate-friendly and community-based enterprises to show handicraft, organic fertilizer, fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms that they produce to the policy maker, investors, and wider customers at the district level– and importantly, to share what they need to expand their businesses.

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24 March 2022 Indonesia

Preparing the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA/KLHS) for the Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) and Zoning Regulation for Sukadana Town, Kayong Utara District, West Kalimantan

From 2019-2021, Tropenbos Indonesia (TI), with GLA funding (2016 -2020) has made an important contribution to spatial planning in Sukadana Town, the capital city of the Kayong Utara District, West Kalimantan Province. TI prepared the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) document for the Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) and the Sukadana Town Zoning Regulation.

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21 March 2022 Indonesia

Forest restoration must navigate trade-offs between environmental and wood production goals - News on a scientist publication

Introduction of forwarded news: Tropenbos Indonesia has been given the opportunity to publish a press release of a study contributed to by Sampurno Bruijnzeel, a tropical forest hydrologist who collaborated with several researchers from The University of Cambridge to formulate research on the comparative ecosystem service contributions of mixed native forests versus tree plantations.

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12 March 2022 Indonesia

Tropenbos Indonesia Internal Discussion on the Workplan 2022

Friday, 11 March 2022, Tropenbos Indonesia (TI) has organized internal discussion via Zoom on the strategy to implement 2022 workplan, involving 24 persons staff working in Bogor and Ketapang towns, Sandai and Simpang Dua Sub-district, Ketapang District.

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