06 January 2016 Indonesia

Save the Remaining Intact Forest Landscape in Indonesia

Forests are another land where people can live in harmony; a place that can be called “home”. But a dying message has been sent from the forests – also from the Indonesian forest, telling us that it continues to degrade, to face serious threats and to drastically change its forest cover. Between 2009 and 2013, Indonesia has lost 4.6 million ha of forest area and now the remaining area is only about 82 million ha (Forest Watch Indonesia, 2014). The number will continue to shrink if we don’t do anything to save the remaining.

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01 December 2015 Indonesia

How to save Indonesia's life-supporting forests

Jakarta Post, 23 November 2015 - Once again, catastrophic forest and land fires in Indonesia have become a hot issue in the national and international press. Haze from Sumatra to Papua has been creating massive problems in Indonesia and in its neighbouring countries.

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12 November 2015 Indonesia

The Roles of CSO in Strengthening Social Forestry

Many issues related to social forestry are hot topics nowadays in Indonesia due to the announcement of the administration of President Joko Widodo to distribute 12.7 million of land to indigenous people and to re-distribute 9 million hectares of agriculture land (Land Allocated for Agrarian Reform/TORA). 4.1 million hectares to be distributed will derive from state forest areas. Criticism and many questions have arisen since the announcement, giving the opportunity to various parties to share their enthusiasm and contribute with their critical thinking to address the issues at stake.

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21 September 2015 Indonesia

Forests and (‘middle players’) people

The fourteenth World Forestry Congress (WFC), which was held in Durban, Republic of South Africa, from 7-11 September, had as key theme ‘Forest and People: Investing Sustainable Future’. Interestingly, the theme resembled the eighth WFC held in Jakarta (16-28 October 1978) which had the key theme: Forests for People.

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19 August 2015 Indonesia

Jokowi’s sustainable community-based forest management

Ideas for community based forest management (CBFM) have emerged since the 1970s, but movements to support it in Indonesia, mainly by NGOs, began in 1995. After a long journey of struggle to convince various parties, finally the ideas have fallen in fertile soil under the current government.

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31 July 2015 Indonesia

Strategy to side with indigenous people

To deal with rampant land disputes involving indigenous communities, the Environment and Forestry Ministry of Indonesia has set a target of redistributing 12.7 million hectares of social forests (2015-2019). The majority, 6.8 million ha, would be taken from concession forests — totaling 30 million ha, from which around 10 million ha are under industrial forest permits (HTI) and around 12 million ha are natural production forest concessions (HPH) — in the form of partnership forests, Hutan Kemitraan (HK).

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