24 March 2023 Indonesia

The launch of Fire Prevention Masterplan in Ketapang District

The government of Ketapang District launched a Masterplan for Fire Prevention in a ceremony held in the District Office Hall on 9 March 2023. The masterplan was developed for two peatland hydrological units in the southern part of the district, called Pawan-Kepulu-Pesaguan. This area became the focus of the masterplan due to the big fires in 2015 and 2019. The Deputy of the District Regent, Farhan, stated that the masterplan is a direction and planning for the implementation of fire prevention in the landscape so that all related efforts can be done effectively. “It’s a guidance that needs to be implemented collaboratively with all relevant stakeholders and not just to be left as an idle document without follow-up actions,” he said. He reminded the sub-district head, who was present at the launching, to not only put the document on the shelves, but to conduct follow-up implementation in the respective areas.

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20 March 2023 Indonesia

Busines Meeting Day 2023: Sinergy of supports for climate friendly business

After the success of the first round of the Climate-Friendly and Community-based Business Competition (KURRI) along with "Business Meeting Day and Farmer Field Meeting" in 2022, this year Tropenbos Indonesia is again organizing a "Business Gathering Day" as the peak of the 2nd round of KURRI activities which took place at the District Hall on Wednesday, 15 March 2023. This event received full support from the District Agency of Community Empowerment and Village Administration as a form of commitment to support the development of climate-friendly micro-enterprises. Present at the opening ceremony was the Regent's Expert Staff for Economic Affairs and Development of Ketapang Regency, Junaidi Firawan.

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14 March 2023 Indonesia

Revitalising rubber agroforestry in Simpang Dua, West Kalimantan, Indonesia - Lessons from the Working Landscapes programme

Many farmers in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, have been converting rubber agroforests to monoculture oil palm plantations, decreasing diversity in the landscape. We want to reverse this trend, by making rubber agroforestry attractive again. What have we done and learned?

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22 February 2023 Indonesia

Fires-Smart Landscape Workshop in Ketapang

Fires have become concern for countries around the world with severe impacts to people, nature, and biodiversity. The situation becomes worse with climate change and anthropogenic factors in the forms of land-use change and non-environmentally friendly practices. The more intense the fires, the worse calamity they bring to human being and the environment, exacerbating climate change and contributing to green-house gas in the atmosphere.

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17 November 2022 Indonesia

HCVA Training for District Plantation Agencies in West Kalimantan Province: Towards Regulatory Framework Formulation for HCVA Monitoring

High Conservation Value Area (HCVA) principles and approach have widely socialized since 2010 through capacity building, embedment in certification standards, and recently through policy instruments. However, according to Hairil Anwar, Natural Resource and Ecosystem Protection Division Head of the Provincial Environment and Forestry Agency, “It is recorded that approximately only 10% of oil palm companies in West Kalimantan that regularly submitted their HCV area management reports to the Environment and Forestry Agency of West Kalimantan province.”. This phenomenon seems to be caused by several factors such as the lack of capacity of Environment and Forestry Agencies to monitor and assert the policy, low initiative of oil palm management units to submit HCV reports to district and province level governments, and the absence of data sharing from national (ISPO & RSPO) down to province and district level governments to initiate HCVA monitoring at site level.

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14 November 2022 Indonesia

Rural women driving change in Indonesia

The new planting season is bringing new opportunities for indigenous Dayak women in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. Alpina Rupina and friends from Simpang Dua have started to use sustainable farming practices that they learned from farmer field schools, are protecting the forest, and are now developing business ideas so they can become economically independent.

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